The Sunday Currently, Vol. 2, 121216


..a loooonnnggg gap between the first and this…


Blogs featuring brainstorming and graphic organizers.


The Sunday Currently, Vol. 2

L I S T E N I N G 

To the noisy crickets and my toy poodle’s teeth- gnashing induced doggie dreams (or that’s how I interpret the sound she’s making)


About Christmas.

S M E L L I N G 

The newly changed bed covers and pillows.

W I S H I N G 

For some much-needed peace of mind.


To be able to finish all my back log works.


An orange shorts and blue statement tee.
L O V I  N G

The smell of Johnson’s baby powder blossom.


A miracle….


Sugar-boost chocolates.




different teacher blogs…

Happy blessed Sunday everyone!

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The Sunday Currently, Vol. 1, 011016


I have been browsing through several blogs featuring The Sunday Currently format. (ctto to the originator, link below) I’m a copycat, lols…so I figured, why not give it a try?

…because I’m an insomniac, so here, let me do this for the very first time…


John Grisham’s The Appeal…because I love all his books…


My daily lesson log in preparation for this week’s classes…uhmmm, yeah..I teach…
L I S T E N I N G 

To my husband’s peaceful snoring..oxymoron, anyone…


..about the places we will  be gallivanting to this summer 2016..

S M E L L I N G 

…the freshly brewed coffee…

W I S H I N G 

…for some big bucks to drop like rains from the heavens..


…to be productive this week..


…floral jammies and blue tee…
L O V I  N G

…Max and more baked eyeshadow…


…to edit the video about Senior HS my immediate head asked me to do..oh well..procrastinating again..




…contented at the moment..


…different blogs…


Come to think of it, when I get down to writing it I realized there is nothin’ much to my current Sunday…

Note to self: try to be productive next time, not because you want to write a long one for This Sunday Currently portion but because your life’s one hell of a boring mess, if you didn’t noticed yet!

Oh well…

Oh well…



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Bits of Corruption.. Contests and Cheaters…


In my 15 years of teaching I witnessed, assisted, chaperoned, judged, trained and coached students for various contests from sports to academic. Gone to the most heavenly venues to some God-forsaken ones. Went through a roller-coaster of emotions before and after each contest. Experienced being in awe with the legit results in many to being speechless in most.

We celebrated every win with fanfare, big smiles and humble heart. We accepted every defeat with open-mind, graciousness and humility vowing to be better the next time. Such is life after all, we win some, we lose some.

The last contest we joined, the Panrehiyong Patimpalak sa Filipino held in Caraga State University, Ampayon will go into my personal annals in teaching as the worst and the most disappointing contest, not only in some but in ALL ways. This is a regional contest we are talking about.

Let me count the ways why…

1. Starting the opening program with students as masters of ceremony who are clearly not up for the job, speaking in Filipino with no regard for balarila, mangling every sentences uttered and clearly murdering the Filipino language for all to hear. Saying things like ” mga kalahok galing sa iba’t ibang rehiyon ng Caraga”

Excuse me? I didn’t know Caraga have become a little country.

Giving lines like …”mula sa lungsod ng Agusan del Norte” or giving unfinished adlibs leaving them vulnerable to audience smirking and jeering, not once, but countless times from 9 in the morning till the end of all the contested events, and all through these the Filipino Coordinators were there and did not even bother to correct them. They must be on the same level, right?

2. Organizers who do not keep track of time and who were killing time by announcing over and over again to wait for a while because they are still organizing things. On the day of the contest?!? (a while turned out to be 2 and half hours). Think about the participants from far areas coming in early to make sure they wouldn’t miss any event and you are still organizing??

3. Contest venue filled to the brim with CSU students sitting prettily in the bleachers clearly MARKED WITH THE NAMES OF THE 11 DIVISIONS of the region while the participants stood in their costumes drenched in sweat and already tired even before the contest started simply because these CSU students were required to attend. Well now, think about region, 11 divisions, 7 categories to be contested, 60 students per school max and you could not even fill the hall with chairs, still, you want your own students to attend, why?

4. Organizers getting confused with their OWN rules, guidelines and criteria resulting to creating a NEW category to be contested upon when the coaches heat up over the interpretation. (Vocal Solo category was on the dot created when what was disseminated was Duet.The criteria was clearly made for vocal solo yet the guidelines were for duet) Fine, we coaches understand what other coaches go through in events like this. Compromise and concession is the name of the game. The organizers admitted they got the criteria wrong and conceded making up the new category BUT said no double entry, meaning if you already have a contestant for the duet, you can no longer have an entry for the vocal solo, yet minutes later broke their restriction by allowing CSU to have a double entry, what does that make you?

When questioned about the double-entry, the one in-charge, the one who announced no double entry is allowed just blinked and asked back, “no double entry? said who?”… what in the what?!?

5. For delicadeza purposes, Subject Coordinators/Teachers should refrain from accepting jobs as judge to events/categories where their school has an entry. NO! Don’t give me that bullshit of “I am being objective while judging” Objective my foot! Let’s be honest here, no matter how objective you are, there will always be that little twinge in your heart to give more points to the school where you come from. A little tweak here, a little tweak there and all’s good, but not as blatant as when the co-judges gave ratings like 97 and 95, the highest among all 19 other contestants and the last one gave 84 because he favored the school where he came from? Color me stupid please.

When my co-teacher requested to see the score sheet, he found out that the 2nd and 3rd place even got the same rating putting them in a tie. The judges did not even bother to change the score. When asked about this, the questionable judge haltingly answered ” Ah napagdesisyunan na namin yan sir, na itong school na to ang second at ito naman ang 3rd.” How did you even come up with that decision? What are your basis for saying “napagdesisyunan na” when the score sheet clearly showed BOTH got the SAME rating? unsa ni?? pintot pintot?? Couldn’t you at least change the score before you show it to the coaches? You are inviting criticisms for your judgment, you know? You couldn’t even defend it properly. And you want us to accept your explanation with open-mind? Thank you, kind judge for making us idiots.

“Judges decision is final and irrevocable”–In the past, we have always accepted this, albeit with difficulty, still we abide because we always think and trust judges know best. What happened was just pure, unadulterated “lutong macao” style. Nagpa contest pa mo?? I am not insisting we should have been declared winner, we have “judges” after all but when even the declared winners themselves are shocked why they won, that says a lot, right?

If my posting this will become basis for some to remove me from government service, SO. BE. IT.!


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AlDub…Ano Nga Ba Ang Tamang Panahon?

Featured image

(ctto for the pix)

The long wait is over for the AlDub Nation, the fandom that clamored to high heavens (and to Lola Nidora) for Alden and Maine to finally meet sans plywood, sans long table, sans alarm clock and sans any other interruption.

October 24, 2015 will go down in the annals of history as one of the best days in the lives of AlDub Nation. The #ALDubEBTamangPanahon hashtag generated 41 million tweets  exceeding by millions the target of 36 million in honor of Eat Bulaga’s 36 years of existence! Now a world record holder of the most tweeted hashtag in 24 hours besting the Super Bowl’s record in 2014.  That’s bayanihan among fans and EB Dabarkads and it was amazing!  People from all walks of life, from different locations in and outside the country banded together to make this twitter event possible. Pinoys in the Philippines filled the 55 thousand seats in the Philippine Arena creating a seemingly endless sea of people. Such a touching sight to behold!  A feat no other fandom in the Philippines had ever done.  And Aldub Nation did it with flying colors!

So, what exactly does  tamang panahon  (right time) for Alden, Maine and the AlDub Nation mean? Is it really the pivotal point of turning the fantasy into reality?  Maybe. But many  of the fans mistook and misunderstood it to mean as reel to real immediately, and this has become a bone of contention for everybody.

I address this portion here to the fans; tamang panahon granted by Lola Nidora does not give us right to dictate Alden and Maine what to do with their personal and private lives. They may be celebrities, they may be public figures and they may be on the spotlight for everyone to scrutinize but as fans we can never ask them to live for real our fantasies for them. We cannot ask them to live their lives the way we want them to live it. We cannot force them to follow our wishes just because it make us happy at the expense of their own happiness. We cannot be disappointed all the time when they show less  giddiness  every time they’re on TV.  We should not complain to whoever and wherever, most specially on social media that “ay bakit si ganito medyo hindi kilig, bakit si ganyan kulang ng emosyon, bakit si ganito medyo walang gana?”.   Nakakalimutan na yata ng AlDub Nation ang sabi Lola, “hindi araw araw pasko, hindi araw araw kilig”.   Napaghahalatang kulang pa talaga tayo ng maturity as fansWe should stop reading between the lines when there is nothing between the lines! We should minimize analyzing every little actions and reactions, every gestures and facial expressions coming from them.  The past three months should by now have instilled in us the value of patience. Aba! bakit nag tamang panahon lang gusto na natin kalimutan na lahat ng bagay pinagtitiyagaan?  Na lahat ng gusto nating makamtan pinaghihirapan?

We as fans don’t have the right to pressure Alden to do the things we want him to do about their budding relationship. We don’t have the right to pressure Maine to accept him immediately. They need to know each other more. Ano ba naman kasing part nang “need to know each other more”  ang hindi niyo maintindihan?  Ano gusto niyo? isang kanta, isang sayaw sila na agad? Let them be. Let them discover their true colors. Let them know each others likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their hopes and desires, their fears and joys, their dreams and wishes. Let them blossom as individuals. Let them enjoy their careers.   Let them progress from friends to lovers in their own time. They all have the time in their hands. They are still young and they still can accomplish so much, individually and as a love team.  Wag tayo ang magdikta kase at the end of the day buhay nila ang maapektuhan sa mga magiging desisyon nila. Tayo naman as fans dahil pinili nating suportahan sila ng buong puso matatanggap natin ano man magiging desisyon nila, di ba? Why the rush? ‘Ika nga di ba, fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Gusto kaya natin ang magiging consequences pagka ganong madaliin natin sila?  If and when they do end up together for real, then we will cheer and we will celebrate their love. It is what we want after all. If they don’t? Well, some good things just ain’t meant to be. Masasaktan tayo. Iiyak tayo. Sasama loob natin. Magmumura tayo. But that’s life. That’s reality.  At this point, this may be cliche but true, let us let nature take its course. In their own time, in God’s time, everything will fall into perfect places.

Let the friendship and  love story that is Alden and Maine be written in such a way that people will remember it for a long long time for its pureness and genuineness. Allow them to journey towards forever on their own. Allow them private moments and conversations. Allow them to take their time getting to know each other. Allow them to nurture what they have right now.  Allow them to cherish the  memories they are creating for themselves. Allow them to keep those things that only the two of them do. Allow them to keep secrets. Allow them to be giddy on their own. Allow them the normalcy of falling in love just like ordinary couples falling in love.  Allow them to slowly realize that yes, indeed they are fated and destined to be together or otherwise. Allow them privacy, we owe them that much.

For Alden and Maine, whatever will happen will happen. Both of you are inspiration to many.  Just remain true and grateful all the time. You got good heads on your shoulders, use it wisely. You still have so much to offer to the fans and we still have so much to give to you both.  Enjoy your new friendship, enjoy your careers and enjoy your moments. No pressures.  God has a perfect plan for you. Whatever that is, it is slowly unfolding. In the course of fulfilling God’s plan you may take a detour, or may meet a dead end, or may follow a wrong path, may meet someone new or may face some obstacles, but have faith in Him and in AlDub Nation, we got your backs.

We will always be here to support and love you, be it together or individually, in any way we can, in every way we can, every where we can. As high as the sky and as deep as the ocean, that’s how much we love you both.

…pinky swear, sealed, stamped, filed and kissed..I remain a citizen of AlDub Nation.

…leaving you all with this, ponder on..

“Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don’t blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being “in love”, which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident.” –Louis de Bernieres (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin)–

Aldub you all.

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AlDub Anti-fans…Of Bashers and Haters..

Urban dictionary defines haters as  persons that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesn’t really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.  Basher, on the other hand,  according to UB is an  individual who is unfriendly and/or commits harmful acts to group of people or an individual due to prejudice and/or ignorance.

In short, they go hand in hand.

The accidental conception of AlDub couple, composed of Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza, produced bashers and haters that multiply like bad bacteria in a broken petri dish left unattended. Bashers who are not afraid to spout nonsensical things about Alden and Maine in defense of their idols.  What did Alden and Maine ever do to their idols anyway?  Bashers who are courageous enough to concoct outrageous rumors about the split-screen couple because they are cloak in anonymity. Bashers who love to sow discomfort and doubt among AlDub fans by pretending to be fans themselves. Happy lang na nakakasakit ng iba?  Eh ano ba naman din kung resbakan sila ng AlDub Nation, di ba? Di naman sila makilala.

Does loving and supporting a particular idol or love team to the point of death really a reason enough for a fan/s to waste an hour, two hours, a whole day sitting in front of a computer or attacking your smartphones just so you can bash and hate AlDub? Does being a die-hard fan a right to attack artists you don’t like? Parang pasan niyo ang daigdig kung makabash kayo eh! Nakaka-bitter ba talaga isipin na yong sinasabi nyong wala pang napapatunayan eh naitaob ang mga idolo niyo? Pana-panahon lang naman kasi yan eh.  For Alden and Maine, the right time has come to them to be on the spotlight now.  So let them be. Let them enjoy the moment the same way your idols enjoyed their moments when they were the ones on top. Tuloy parang gusto kong isiping umaamin kayong  pababa na nga  ang mga idolo niyo kase nanggagalaiti kayo sa galit eh.  Kung maka-bash kayo parang end of the world na no? 

For the die-hard anti-fans, hear ye!  while you are doing all these, while you are filling your heart with hate, while you are letting your prejudice show, while you are wasting your most productive hours, while you are being influenced by others to rant negativity, while you are busy digging some past wrong-doings of your idols’ competitions, are you improving your life? Are you becoming a better person? Are you being an exemplary fan?  Are you being fair, at the least? Kasi ang pagiging fan dapat ikinakasaya hindi ginagawang tulay para mapaiksi ang buhay. Magkasakit kayo sa puso niyan tingnan natin kung dalawin yang burol niyo ng mga idolo ninyo.

The showbiz world is a big enough place for your idols, Alden and Maine to carve their own niche even without meeting for life. And the world is such a big place, that even if you clone your idols, Alden and Maine and scatter them everywhere, somewhere at some point in time  they will still amass followers. Why? Because they each have something different to offer to all of us. It is just a matter of who we can relate to the best. It is just a matter of who can bring out the best in us as fans.

Love begets love. Respect begets respect.  Yet in the world of Aldub fans harsh words from antis beget smiles and happiness. Minsan nakakalimot, pumapatol na rin sa mga talak ng iba diyan. Pasensiya naman tao lang din, nagmamahal, nasasaktan at may pinuprotektahan. I am not claiming the Aldub Nation is the best fandom to ever exist. A long, winding and rocky road is ahead of us and the dead end is still far into the unforeseeable future. But with Alden, Maine and EB Dabarkads at the helm of this fandom, I know deep in my heart that no matter how bumpy the ride is to the future, this fandom will leave legacies on the places where it will take a pit stop. Fact is, we are already starting….You know why? Because just like Alden and Maine, Aldub fans are AWESOME that way!

My last words on bashers and haters, Karma’s a bitch! Don’t ever give us the opportunity to sit down,  relax and watch in pleasure how lady Karma gets back to you. If and when that happens… pinky swear, stamped, filed and kissed, I’ll pray for you sincerely. Really!

To the citizens of AlDub Nation, here, basahin po natin. Hindi para sa ekonomiya ng bansa kundi para maisaisip at maisapuso natin na ang pagiging fan ng AlDub ay may katuturan at may magandang kahahantungan. AlDub U all!


                                                            (ctto) @IAmWholeHearted

**********************************************************************************”Sometimes the things you want the most don’t happen and what you least expect happens. I don’t know – you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.”

Love & Other Drugs (2010) dir. Edward Zwick

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A Little Bit of Me

What you see is not what you get! ‘Coz I’m all these and more…
talkative, as in REALLY!!
prone to PMS, the point of becoming rude,
definitely NOT fashionista coz i’m into rugged jeans, shorts,shirts and flipflops,
praning na NNVSian,
frustrated na URIAN (sus la pa jud tawn nahuman og LLB, pait!!!).

loves the simple pleasures in life like….

=piggin’ out on pizza
=beach bummin’ with my family

=watchin’ DVD’s
=goin out with friends
=shoppin’ with my hubby and daughter
=san mig & cig
=coffee & tea
====surfin’ the net

=jazz music
=SS501 fanatic
=a silent Triple S
=DBSK addict
=a vocal Cassie
=JYJ follower
=JYJ family member
=K-drama watcher

,an ordinary lady with normal irks and quirks with the loosen  nuts and the bolts on the right (or is it WRONG?) side…a perfectly normal human being doing the most crazy acts in life..

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

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Serendipity..My AlDub Journey

aldub-pic-3_2015_09_28_14_22_48I was there when it happened. I was  lying on our sofa in front of our TV set, home alone on a Thursday morning on July 16, 2015  instead of being at work because I was down with flu. That was also the day I strung together all the curses I learned from my barakong male cousins because only two channels on my 136-channel cable subscription were working right. The Disney Channel and the GMA Network. That didn’t leave me much choice, eh?

I was never into local programming, be it drama, variety shows  or slapstick entertainment. True, being a kid of the 80’s and the 90’s I grew up in a household where “..Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo, saan ka man ay halina kayo..” is akin to an Angelus sung every 12 noon ( blasphemy intended here) , and in fact, up until now I can still sing from memory the “original” version of Eat Bulaga’s theme song. Where was I..? Oh yeah, I’m not into local programming because back then TV reception was real bad in the provinces, it still is. I was more of a radio-drama addict when I was in high school.  When I went to college in Manila- oh yes! I’m a Paulinian just like Maine is-  the dazzling lights, the happy fast-paced living  and my crazy college life in the city enticed me so much to have fun everyday to the point I forgot TV networks existed.  And then I had to do my practicum at RPN-9 and PTV-4, a hard knock on my head that effectively reminded me they do exist, but even then TV dramas never became my thing. I do watch Filipino movies but long dramas were never my cup of tea.  I don’t have the patience to sit in front of the TV for hours and follow the drama’s long and winding stories night after night with equally long TVCs on the side. When I started working, someone introduced me to Korean dramas and I got hooked! The K-dramas were shorter for one, and two, they have such eye-candy actors over there. Mababaw ako that way eh.I have memorized the names and the faces of these old and young actors and actresses in K-dramas. Ask me who among our stars are my favorite and I would automatically answer Sharon and Gabby, Richard and Dawn and…that’s it! Napaghahalata ba ang edad? Twenty years! For twenty long years my viewing habits revolved around K-dramas, moved on to J-dramas and yes extended even to Thai Lakorns.

July 16, 2015 and AlDub happened. Serendipity was it that only two channels were working right? Serendipity was it that I happened to change channel just at the right moment when Maine was doing her dub smash “natin” while Alden was sitting handsomely among studio audience showing off his dimples on national TV? Yes, I  witnessed the first time Maine’s eyes grew big when she happened to glance on the monitor and saw Alden sitting there, smiling and observing her  dub smashing antics . The giddiness she felt then spilled beyond the monitor she was facing and affected everyone who watched that first fateful on-screen meeting. Friday and Saturday came and went by so fast.  On a Monday the week following,  realization dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to watch it live anymore and that’s when I knew I got caught by these two beautiful individuals hook, line and sinker with a serye that’s all live and improvised!

What’s a working Mom gonna do? Reactivate an old youtube account and wait for replays!  It wouldn’t be few more weeks later yet that different teams in AlDub Nation would be form , and when the different teams came about, I realized I definitely belong to Team Replay. Sometime in  August my twitter account created in 2009 was reactivated if only to help trend HT’s of the day.   I met some new friends over there, fellow Aldubbers who are passionate in their belief that Maine and Alden are match made in heaven. Passionate in promoting good values and Filipino traditions long taken for granted by the youths of today. Passionate in defending Maine and Alden against bashers and haters who can’t believe their meteoric rise to the top. Passionate in their desire to tweet non-stop and put #ALDUB_____on top of the trend NW and WW.  Passionate in their cause in creating good vibes in and outside the fandom. Passionate in their stance that indeed everything should be done “sa tamang panahon”. For the Aldub Nation, the “patience is a virtue” saying became an everyday mantra.

Thirteen weeksaries, three monthsaries, awards from CSMS , an individual award for Maine, innumerable original composition AlDub-inspired songs, two gold record awards for Alden, million tweets and six TVCs later, in just such a short span of time   the AlDub couple and the AlDub Nation have gone through so much laughter and tears, and all other emotions in between already. Who can ever forget the kilig moments AlDub dishes out day after day? The sweet split-screen kisses? The unlimited flying kisses? (aminin! minsan gusto mo na rin sumalo ng ligaw na flying kiss no?)  And who can forget Lola’s challenges ?  Ahhh..the pricking pains in our hearts, the lip-biting, the finger-curling, the shouting of encouragement each one of us did in front of our TV sets at home,   in the studio and in the barangays to laughing like crazy, crying, clapping, pulling our hair, jumping and heaving a collective sigh of relief whenever Alden fulfilled them in Kalyeserye. Who can forget the two-week separation by our reel lovers? That was painful for us fans, and although unintentional on Alden’s part, many began doubting him.  Masyado kasi tayong atat eh. Sabi nga ni lola hindi araw-araw pasko. Hindi araw-araw kilig. Who can forget those people name calling us  AlDub fans as Aldogs and labeling us asal kalye? Aba! akalain mo from lawyers to doctors to nurses to engineers to teachers, professionals from all walks of life from in and out of the country biglang naglitawan and collectively said “proud AlDub Fan ako”. (aminin! na-touch ang ego ng slight no? ako din :)) .nang-aano sila eh…) Not to mention the uncountable small frictions within the fandom? Which thankfully gets resolved easily!  We acted and reacted in rage, others remained calm and others just chose not to care or just kept silent.  We have gone through these highs and lows,  and more… in our own little nooks, alone or with fellow fans. Yet through these all AlDub Nation remain steadfast. Sabi nga ni Alden kay Maine di ba, “ang dami na nating pinagdaanan, ngayon pa ba tayo susuko?” The same line applies to us, too.

This KalyeSerye is not just Maine and Alden’s journey in their careers and their journey from reel to real life. It is a journey of the AlDub/Maiden couple, the lolas, the EB people, and the Aldub Nation as a whole and as a family towards a future  full of good causes and intentions that would benefit a majority of our fellow Filipinos. AlDub Red Cross blood-letting anyone? and another one this coming October 24, A gathering of fans to help make possible the AlDub Library Project for schools in the country at Philippine Arena no less! The reel union of these two wonderful, generous, grateful, loving, family-oriented and god-fearing individuals bore the Aldub Nation, a fandom like no other. A fandom that is mature enough to realize that there is more to just being fans.  A fandom that transcends time, space, age, class level and status in society.

Thirteen weeks and three monthsaries down…forever more to go Maine, Alden, Lolas, EB, every Juan and Aldub Nation! Huwag tayong bumitaw. Hindi tayo bibitaw. Ngayon pa ba? Eh eto na, abot kamay na nating lahat ang tamang panahon?

Ahmmm…my viewing habits? Well, it has changed, not a 360- degree turn around..old habits die hard, y’know? But this I’m sure, I ain’t leaving AlDub and Aldub Nation any time soon…pinky swear, stamped, filed and kissed!

Aldub U all.

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