Photo Diary: Sohoton, Bucas Grande…of stingless jellyfish…caves and blue lagoon…

**late upload


I am a self-proclaimed explorer and when travel bug bits me I just simply have to go.  My co-workers who have been wanting to explore nearby places but never came around to actually doing it finally took my invitation one day and went with me to Sohoton, Bucas Grande in Surigao del Norte. There’s just so many nooks and crannies to explore in this wonderful province!

We started our day early and was already on the road by 3AM.  Surigao del Norte is a two-hour drive from Agusan del Norte. With three cars in convoy and all the passengers catching up on their sleep and reserving energy, the drivers were like drag racing! Kinda scary but since I am one of the drivers the need for speed is greater than the fear. Nah! I wouldn’t advise you to do this! That was a one-time crazy driving.

Anyway, two hours after we arrived at Hayanggabon Port, the jump off point for Sohoton. We rented a pumpboat and the adventure and misadventures began. Talk about crazy co-workers who are neophyte travelers! Talk about bringing rubber shoes and jeans and no extra pair of shorts! We’re exploring the beach people! LOL! And talk about bringing the whole kitchen because they were afraid we’d go hungry while beach bumming!







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