Travel Photo Diary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…of Batu Cave..KL Station …and Petronas Towers…

Much have been said about Malaysia. Many travelers of all sizes, colors and nationalities extolled high praises on how discipline and friendly Malaysians are. Travel blogs, tips, do’s and don’ts abound the web in the hope of making the travel  to this country an easy one.

Our travel to Malaysia was part of the Indochina trip my daughter and I did last 2017. We spent two days in Kuala Lumpur, and believe you me, it was not enough to check out all the interesting points the city offers.  And don’t get me started on the rain! It was raining heavily for two days when we were there so gallivanting around the city on foot became impossible. Nonetheless, our short stay was memorable and fun.

We visited the famous Batu Cave because you know, we’re mainstream didn’t want to spend our short time getting lost to look for those unbeaten tourist paths. You’d meet Lord Murungan on your way up guarding the entrance to the cave. This holy deity is revered by the Hindus. We survived the over 200+ steps up and down! No other way in or out to the cave but those stairs! Along the way we meet the infamous/spoiled monkeys who’d stare at you like you’re  the most absurd thing they have seen in a long while. Those monkeys would sure win hands down in a staring contest.

Since we were there early, there were less tourists so we had an hour of peace inside the cave and we were able to “oohhh” and “aahhh” to our hearts content with whatever our eyes laid on.

We then went back to the city and proceeded to the Petronas Towers. We did the obligatory PT shots because you can’t visit KL and leave without a shot with the PT in the background! It was raining like crazy so we had to take shelter and went inside the KLCC Suria.

We were supposed to go to Malacca, Malaysia the following day but the rain  just went on and on so we decided to just visit the nearby Chinatown and the Petaling Street and pigged out on noodles.







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3 Responses to Travel Photo Diary: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…of Batu Cave..KL Station …and Petronas Towers…

  1. Zac says:

    Some beautiful photos here!


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