Chasing Waterfalls: Panas Waterfalls, New Corella, Davao dN

We’re Davao City bound and took a side trip to the municipality of New Corella in Davao del Norte to see this locally known Panas Waterfalls. And as usual we got lost. Took a wrong turn and ended up in the midst of a  huge banana plantation with rocky roads. All the while thinking, “OMG, no flat tires now please, I’m far away from civilization!” (exagge of course!), but when you’re surrounded with nothing but bananas, you can’t help but feel that way.  Houses were few and far in between and no souls in sight!

Anyway, google maps time it is! And finally arrived here. The roads going to the waterfalls are paved and concreted, so no worry there.



24796240_10155995002552272_5917427680892249229_n24796479_10155995002797272_2899923710145653387_n24796559_10155995001707272_8488902616112509193_n24796594_10155994943982272_3731950808544352326_n24796629_10155994944147272_4860804824110600513_n24837354_10155994945837272_4173558275358818149_o24852317_10155995002012272_8170667960576857015_n24852392_10155994945962272_397024878249225983_n24852402_10155995003362272_2392494208524502477_n24862155_10155995000982272_6171032537434268993_n24899768_10155994944247272_1612526661181972230_n24899904_10155994944462272_2183290352556471720_n (1)24899904_10155994944462272_2183290352556471720_n24910004_10155994944077272_8043755829121671176_n24993385_10155995003162272_1243367848925082048_n25075575_10210571036863165_640319446_o25129809_10210571034903116_572960627_o


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