Travel Photo Diary 2017: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ..of Vietnamese coffee, Pho noodles and motorcyles..

My daughter and mine’s first international trip together was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. What struck me most about this city are the coffee vendors! They are almost everywhere. There’s one every 20 meters, take your pick, settle on those cute tables and spend a few minutes watching people go by.

Pho noodles? love it or hate it! I may be asian but my palate just couldn’t adapt to the taste of their foods. But then the experience of tasting their favored noodles was still awesome. Well, give me batchoy anytime!

The motorcycles? Crazy! We spent a few minutes standing on the other side of the road because we were afraid to brave crossing the sea of motrocyles. We had to wait for some locals to cross and go along with them. Scary how these motorcycles whizzed by at your back and front.

Still, our HCMC experience was awesome. We did not do any package tours and did the tour ourselves. We got lost. We got rained on. We got scammed by an unscrupulous taxi driver. We ate the biggest bowl of noodles. We bought and drank liters of their sidewalk coffees. We visited the touristy area in this place.

HCMC or Saigon trip was a blast and we are looking forward to visiting more of Vietnam. Looking forward to checking out Hanoi in the future!





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