Weekend Roadtrip 2017: Highway Scenes and Sceneries

I have been driving since I was 13, thanks to a childhood girlfriend who got herself a boyfriend with a scooter. So when the BF visited her the scooter is all ours-ours, being me and another childhood girlfriend, who happened to be a cousin of the BF. They got married, by the way. Happy ending!  LOL! (Yah guys! If you’re reading this you know who you are, hahahaha!), Scooter transitioned to motorcycle and eventually cars.  I’m always up for long drives and I’m quite confident with my driving skills, but the road to Cateel in Davao Oriental from Dahican, Mati City and from Cateel passing through the towns of Surigao del Sur and Agusan del Sur going home tested my skills to the limits. The long, winding, uphill, downhill and most of the time isolated roads tested my patience. Still, all’s well that ends well!

We made some stops along the way to capture some wonderful (for me, at least) sceneries along the way…

Route: Mati City-Tarragona-Manay-Caraga-Bagangga-Lingig, Tagbina, Barobo, San Francisco, Prosperidad, Sibagat, Bayugan, Butuan City, Buenavista and home Nasipit!

(My husband’s gonna kill me for this. We, my travel buddy-my daughter- and I, took these routes without him knowing..)


Municipal Hall of Cateel, Davao Oriental


Parish Church of Cateel, Davao Oriental


Yay! Ain’t that a happy thought?


Passed by several bridges like this on the way home..excuse the rain drops..


A coastguard office in an islet in Caraga, Davao Oriental


Municipal Hall of Tarragona

IMG_2911.JPGI read it as Ba-ga-nga, they pronounced it Ba-gang-ga…cool!IMG_2896.JPG

Mountainscape at Tarragona. Their tagline goes “Tarra! Go Na!” Witty!


Isolated cause it’s raining, but see the islet right in front? That’s a sight to behold our camera failed to capture it perfectly..fail…


Can’t resist taking a picture of this vast sea..


Guess what this is?


This is a welcome sight knowing your back in your province! Caraga!


“I’m fearless and I’m free with the open road and the world beneath my feet”-adapted


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