Chasing Waterfalls: Pinandagatan Falls, Sibagat, Agusan del Sur

The best thing about this trip, aside from the waterfalls of course, is the habal habal ride. A habal habal is a product of Filipino ingenuity. It is a modified motorcycle with an outrigger that carry up to 4 passengers each side.  Commonly this kind is the main means of transportation for the Filipinos living in the boondocks.  My salute to the habal habal drivers who are so strong to drive this and carry up to 10 people high up in the mountains.

Pinandagatan falls is a newly discovered falls in the mountains of Sibagat, Agusan del Sur. The way to this beauty includes a 30-minute habal habal ride and a 45-minute trek up and down the mountains.



The habal habal.


DSC_0238I’ve got scratches all over my legs from this untamed surroundings. Fell several times too because it rained a day before and the trail was so slippery.DSC_0239

It might be wet season already in the Philippines but this beauty is unaffected.  It still feels like summer because it was not overflowing with water like we expected.  Still this is awesome.

DSC_0242_Moment(2)DSC_0246DSC_0255DSC_0267 (2)DSC_0276 (2)DSC_0281 (2)DSC_028737223070_2020132521331187_2729152773999296512_n

With the trekkers from the #byahenglokal group.

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Chasing Waterfalls: Mimbalut Falls, Iligan City

Iligan City is not called a “land of majestic waterfalls” for nothing. They have 23 known waterfalls in the area and this one, Mimbalut Falls is one of easiest ones to go to.  It is accessible and easy to find.

Mimbalut is part of Iligan Paradise Resort and Ecopark.  It’s waters coming from Lake Lanao passing through the other famous falls in the city, the Tinago Falls.

Picnic huts are available for a cheap price. The falls does not have a natural basin so they constructed a swimming pool for the visitors to enjoy the cold waters, though of course you can just climb up and bath right under the waterdrop.

So what is Mimbalut Falls’ allure? Aside from it’s 90 feet height, it’s accessibility to the public.

Location: Barangay Buru-un, Iligan City


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Chasing Waterfalls: Bao-bao Falls, Lianga, Surigao dS

Define  waterfalls.

We’re all agog to see this falls in Diatagon, Lianga, Surigao del Sur because according to many blogs which have extolled the grandeur of Bao-bao falls, this  is a “must-see” attraction in this side of Lianga. So off we go! Climbing down and down along the winding man-made staircase to see this beauty.  The climbing down part was so easy and the stairs are not really that steep, so we we’re wondering why everybody who come back up from seeing the falls are panting like crazy! Got the answer when went back up ourselves. I really don’t how to describe the stairs on the way back, it is a long incline (you wouldn’t notice it on the way down!) that seem to go on and on!

Oh well…

Anyhow, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The falls, which for me looks a cascade, has its own enticement, I give you that. I was wondering the whole time we were  there that maybe, just maybe, upstream there is a bigger waterfall that Lianganons have yet to discover?

All in all, it was a nice side trip.







My daughter, a seasoned-traveler was like, “this is it?”


The Bao-bao falls. A cascade for me.


the downstream area.


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Beach Bums: Big Time Beach Resort, Lianga, Surigao dS

This new beach bummers paradise is located in Lianga, Surigao de Sur. Construction is still on-going on most part of the resort the day we visited so it’s kind of chaotic.  Still, amidst all the noise and big construction trucks, haggard resort workers and unsystematic check in process ; give them leeway though and bring lots of patience, they just a had soft opening  a few days back (on the time we went there, this is a late post) ; this newly opened resort is a  good respite from a day of road tripping.




A cottage to crash in for the night.



Siblings. The Kuya and the bunso. Tired much, eh? or missing the online world?


Swam at night and watched the full moon.


Locals and visitors alike love to explore the new resort.


Kiddies’ pool.


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Chasing Waterfalls: Tinago Falls, Iligan City

Tinago, meaning “hidden” is indeed hidden in a lush forest in city of Iligan.  The way going to the falls has many entrances and depends on where your driver drops you, you either have to walk a kilometer going to the falls or  a few steps. Either way will take you to a 200+ steps going down to see the falls.  Going down is easy, going back up is hell. But hey, don’t wrong! As with any other beautiful; worth-going to , or in this case; worth-trekking places, you gotta sweat a little to enjoy paradise.


welcome to Tinago Falls!


Didn’t know it’s going to be a long walk so we leisurely dilly dally and took selfie.


An old swimming pool on what used to be a resort in this area. It is now a favorite resting place of the carabaos.


Our little guide sure listened during history class.  This cutie tattletale told us the resort was once owned by a politician who lost in the last election and in the process went bankrupt, hence, the neglected resort.


Ruins of what used to be the resort kitchen.


…because you know it is so difficult to pass by this big boulder without taking a pose.


The way down to the falls.


Afraid for mankind to do their barbaric thing, Mother Nature made sure this one is hidden perfectly.


But surprise!! There is a retail store down below.


The mist was powerful.


It’s the height of summer, locals and visitors flock to this place to cool off.





Go on! Ride the raft and experience being under the harsh fall of waters at the feet of this majestic waterfalls!


literally under the waterfalls!


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Photo Diary: El Farro De Tierra Alta, Valencia, Negros Oriental

The Tierra Alta Residential Resort is home to a handful of the overly-rich residents of Valencia, Negros Oriental. Truth. That these wonderful  and generous home owners share one of the best views this side of Valencia possesses and open its clubhouse to the public is another truth.

This Greek-inspired residential resort offers the public a huge swimming pool; for a price of course, a cafe, Tierra Alta Cafe, that offers delicious menus and a view of a modern lighthouse aptly called El Farro de Tierra Alta or the Tierra Alta Lighthouse. If you’re wondering what Tierra Alta means, google says “High Ground”.  And indeed, it is located on a high ground. The road to this beautiful place just seemingly goes up and up and up.

Visitors can climb up the lighthouse and take in the view from above.

Location: Barangay Palinpinon, Valencia, Negros Oriental. From Dumaguete City ride a jeep with the Valencia signboard. Upon alighting in the Valencia jeep terminals ask a motorcycle driver (they are everywhere) to take you to Tierra Alta. Negotiate price. Valencianons are mighty polite and friendly people.


This big baby is all smiles upon seeing the huge servings!


You’ll pass by plenty of big houses like this on your way up.


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Photo Diary: Chinese Bell Church, Dumaguete City

You may have toured Dumaguete City a few times, enjoyed its famous cafes and restobars and had your pictures taken at the baywalk, yet,  most probably haven’t heard of a Bell Church that sits on a shore in Barangay Calindagan. Bell what? Bell where?

Google says the Bell Church is an old Chinese temple by the sea with bell towers, dragon figures, a pagoda & lush landscaped gardens. Forget the lush landscaped gardens part, it’s nowhere to be seen at the height of summer. You’d sit down instead on brown bermuda grass.  Nevertheless, the church has its own allure and grandeur.

It was empty when we visited this place and this is obviously not a tourist magnet.  Still, if you’re into churches and temples and all that, give this  place a 20-minute peek max and add it’s picturesque view to your collection.

Location: Barangay Calindagan, Dumaguete City.  Ask the motorcycle/tricycle drivers to take you there.





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